Drake – a gritty supernatural thriller influenced by the graphic novel of the same name. (‘Angel Heart’ and ‘The Ninth Gate’ meets ‘Supernatural’). Designs for a computer game / App are underway. 




Gallo – a dark action packed sequel to the highly acclaimed Retribution.





UH10 – a cleverly woven military heist action, adventure. (‘Hustle’ and ‘Ocean Eleven’ meets ‘The Expendables’).





Galahad – an epic action, adventure, drama. (‘Gladiator’ and the ‘Hunger Games’ meets ‘Back to the Future’). Designs for a computer game / App are underway. 




Fairy Godmother Inc – A hilarious, heart warming romantic, comedy. (‘Bridget Jones’ and ‘The Holiday’ meets ‘Brewster Millions’).




Midnight Murders – Feature script adapted from the best selling series of novels by Katherine John.






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