Drake – feature film

Drake – a gritty supernatural, action, thriller. 

Angel Heart’ and ‘The Ninth Gate’ meets ‘Supernatural’.

Former Boxing Champion Carter Drake has reached rock-bottom. Booze and rage have driven away his family and friends leaving him destitute. The alcohol addiction is so bad he has started having visions of apocalyptic monsters and demons.

He is offered big money to do a nasty job by a charming woman in a well-cut suit. He has to intimidate an old friend into handing over a strange trinket called The Shamslock. He reluctantly takes on the job and within hours he realizes that the monstrous visions that have plagued him are all too real. He becomes the center of a supernatural conspiracy that could end the world.

Fate and history force Drake to take on responsibilities that he would happily relinquish in exchange for his wasted life. But when his estranged wife and daughter get involved he must choose between fighting for them or surrendering his soul to ancient evils.

Sometimes the only way out is to let evil in…

After the success of the first of three graphic novels titled ‘The Drake Files’, and the short film ‘Drake’ winning best film at international film festivals. ‘The Drake Files’ feature script which was taken on by Writer / Director Marcus Harben and the now finished draft is nothing short of fantastic. 

  • ‘The Drake Files’ 280 page graphic novel available on lulu.com and as an eBook on iTunes.
  • Winner of Best Foreign Film (short) at the Action on Film 2013 International Film Festival in LA, available on YouTube with over 600,000 views
  • Nominated AOF/WAB Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role – Cengiz Dervis.
  • Designs for a computer game are underway. 

Drake on IMDB

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