Galahad PosterGalahad – an epic action, adventure, drama.

Gladiator’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ meets ‘Back to the Future’…

Galahad is the last remaining knight of King Arthur’s Round Table. His days of adventure are behind him, and he longs for the excitement he and his fellow knights once had. King Arthur encourages Galahad to settle down and continue the legacy of his name. Although tempted by a love interest, Galahad refuses. His duty is to the King and the kingdom, not to himself.

When Camelot is infiltrated by people from a futuristic realm, Galahad is forced to decide between the lesser of two evils – abandon his homeland and stake his claim as the greatest fighter of all time, or stay and defend the realm against the threatened attack from these enemies of the future…? Whilst his instinct is to stay loyal on home territory, his greater responsibility unfurls and he leaves everything he has ever loved behind.

Galahad arrives at a futuristic kingdom, controlled by a maniacal ruler, where the citizens have a thirst for bloody violence. He is placed in a fighting tournament against some of the greatest historical fighters known to man, and despite the riches and fame offered to him if he wins, all he longs for is to return home. It soon becomes apparent that the only way to escape is to go the distance and become the champion…

A future controlling all history, a tournament carved from the past, all hope forced on a Knight.

Video game concept designs underway.

Galahad on IMDB.

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