UH10UH10 – a cleverly woven military heist, action, adventure.

Hustle’ and ‘Ocean Eleven’ meets ‘The Expendables’.

UH10 are a disbanded elite British black-ops special forces unit, who are recalled for one final mission…

The unit is made up of 10 highly trained experts all bearing the codename of former boxing world champions — Hatton, Hagler, Holyfield, Hearns, Honeygan, Hopkins, Holmes, Haye, Herrera and Hernandaz. They once served together on the most dangerous and secret of operations and, a few years after becoming civilians, the former commander Hatton decides to recall his unit for a very personal mission.

On the outside, living the civilian life for these men has proved difficult, and Hatton wants more for his men… MUCH more! A life of luxury would help take some of the sting out of the sacrifices from the past and for them it has become clear that they were most at home and happiest when they were a part of UH10.

This intelligent, cleverly woven plot is a very British affair, although it could quite easily be described as a cross between the successful British TV show ‘Hustle’, ‘Oceans 11’ and ‘The Expendables’. It’s full of twist and turns, great characters and smashing dialogue — all of which will leave the audience calling for the sequel…

1 night, 100million, 10 way split, then all they need to do is disappear…

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