image1The 1% no-one’s talking about, destined to change the 99% forever.

Are our lives pre-destined? Do each of us have pre-birth contracts? The very reason for our own existence. Can we forget who we really are?…Reesa Miller lives a life of regret, longing for Leif, the man she met one night in Norway and unbeknownst to him, the father of her rebellious 19 year old son, London. When Leif’s adopted Grandmother Nancy begins haunting Reesa’s dreams, her obsession with uncovering the truth of her tormentor’s identity takes her back to Norway, awakening her own suppressed childhood memories, revealing her true identity and purpose…that of a first wave Indigo child.

As her discovery opens the gates to sinister forces determined to stop her awakening, she fights to keep a grip on her reality and protect her son, as she learns some contracts can never be broken.

By Lynne Tapper, Joachim Kvernstrøm & Jonas Reed © 2015

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